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Lecta's Unofficial Photo Gallery

Welcome, this is a quick page I set up to show some of the shots I, and others, took during Pianeta Amiga Show in Empoli (Florence), Italy on 26-27-25 September, 2008. This year I also set up a webcam (still pictures, sorry) using the inbuilt camera of my MacBookPro and Periscope App.

The page WILL NOT update automatically (I always hated this :-)). You can update manually clicking on the reload button of your browser.

Click here to view the webcam archive. (Be prepared to view the incredible... and the terrible :-P)

Read my report on AmigaWorld.

Pictures of the show are available on this page.

Some videos are available on this page. More will be added later.

I hope you will enjoy them.

For feedback, feel free to mail me at stefano.gdt(IHATESPAM)@(HOPEYOUTOO)tin.it (don't forget to delete CAPITALIZED WORDS).

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